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Horizontally rotating closed cage for bulk material

TL 1.1.1 Dry running protection for electric heater

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Dry running protection is performed using a liquiphant. If the cleaning agent level drops below the minimum level, the system is turned off.

TL 1.1.2 Automatic level control with fresh water metering

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Level control is performed using two liquiphants triggering a solenoid valve. If the cleaning agent level drops below the minimum level, fresh water is automatically replenished to the maximum level.

TL 1.1.3 Fine strainer in the pressure line

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The fine strainer is installed in the pressure line downstream from the cleaning agent pump. It filters contaminations out of the cleaning agent.

TL 1.1.4 Vapour extraction unit

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Vapour extraction is performed by a centrifugal fan.

TL 1.1.5 Flash steam condenser air to air

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Vapour is extracted by a flash steam condenser. The vapours stream through an air-cooled cooler, where the extracted steam condenses. The condensate flows back into the cleaning agent tank.

TL 1.1.6 Tank emptying equipment manual

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The tank emptying equipment consists of a manually operated drain valve and a drain pump. The tank emptying equipment serves for pumping off the tanks if the drain cannot be connected to a sewer. The pump is controlled manually with a push-button.

TL 1.1.7 Dosing unit mechanical

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The cleaning agent tank is equipped with a mechanical dosage pump for corrective chemical dosing.

TL 1.1.8 Hosing equipment, pneumatic activation

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The manually operated hosing equipment is used in the cleaning chamber with open lid. The cleaning agent flows back to the cleaning agent tank.

TL 1.1.9 Three-phase oil separator

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The three phase oil separator serves for separating liquids with different densities and of solid material from contaminated liquids. The combined effects of gravitational forces and the coalescence effect result in minimal residual concentrations.