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TL 1.1.10 Dryer

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The dryer consists of a side channel blower, an air heater and a slotted nozzle. The slotted nozzle is installed within the cleaning chamber. Ambient air is taken in by the high-pressure blower and blown into the cleaning chamber across the air heater. The drying temperature can be continuously set.

TL 1.1.11 Blow-drying nozzle piping system

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The nozzle piping system for blow-drying the cleaned parts facilitates a better drying process. During the blow-drying, the turntable rotates.

TL 1.1.12 Finishing rinse with a separate drain

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The rinsing water is drained from the cleaning chamber through a pneumatic drainage control. The parts to clean are sprayed on from above, below and from the sides through a fix-mounted spraying system with screwed in flat jet nozzles. They are supplied from a heated storage tank.

TL 1.1.13 Insulated version

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The insulation consists of pressed insulation mattresses and is covered by a stainless steel jacket. The insulation covers the storage tank, the treatment zone and the lid.

TL 1.1.14 Electric lid lock

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The lid can be fitted with a lockable safety switch. This prevents lid opening during system operation.

TL 1.1.15 TL-K Basket locking

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The grid basket is covered with a lid, making it suitable for accommodating bulk goods. Non-standard baskets and custom goods holders are also available.

TL 1.1.16 Tank cover

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The tank cover prevents evaporation losses and substantial soiling of the cleaning agent. For rough straining, reflow filters are installed in the covers.

TL 1.1.17 Siemens Logo control / Logo TD display

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Solve small automation tasks faster or efficiently utilise control cabinet space: LOGO! control from Siemens supports you effectively and efficiently.

TL 1.1.18 RTG DPS coalescence separator

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The RTG system features a purpose-designed coalescence separator. This separator simplifies maintenance with its easily removable coalescence sheets. The Neodymium magnet rods in the full stream separate metal particles.

1.1.1 Unloading Trestle (only for lifting gate versions)

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The unloading trestle is placed in front of the lifting gate cleaning system. It serves as the base for the roller carriage as it is drawn out of the cleaning chamber. It is screwed to the cleaning system.