BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO Two-tank cleaning system with lifting gate or hinged lid


  • Two-tank cleaning system
  • High-efficiency high-power Grundfos pumps IE3/IE4
  • Electrical and control equipment from Siemens
  • All components in contact with fluid in stainless steel
  • Return line filtration
Overall dimensions approx. (without additional equipment)size 3size 4size 5size 7
Width1,930 mm2,200 mm2,550 mm3,100 mm
Depth1,345 mm1,600 mm1,930 mm2,470 mm
Overall depth with extended roller carriage2,210 mm2,530 mm3,120 mm3,935 mm
Overall height2,075 mm2,075 mm2,235 mm2,410 mm
Total height with open loading gate2,685 mm2,685 mm3,100 mm3,360 mm
Transfer height (upper edge grating)865 mm875 mm875 mm925 mm
Effective height (from upper edge roller carriage)700 mm700 mm900 mm1,000 mm
Grating, square, with bevelled outer corners900 mm1,060 mm1,400 mm1,700 mm
Grating – diagonal between bevelled corners1,080 mm1,335 mm1,670 mm2,250 mm
Load weight (payload) standard700 kg900 kg1,200 kg1,500 kg
Load weight (payload) max.1,500 kg1,500 kg2,500 kg3,000 kg
Total system weight900 kg1,100 kg1,700 kg2,000 kg
Power supply (without additional equipment)
Voltage (three-phase)400 V400 V400 V400 V
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Control voltage24 VDC24 VDC24 VDC24 VDC
Installed load25 kW37 kW46 kW75 kW
Maximum current drain36 A53 A67 A109 A
Spray cleaning system – CLEANING/RINSING
Spray pressure at nozzle mouth4.6/4.2 bar4.6/4.2 bar5.0/4.8 bar5.8/4.4 bar
Number full jet nozzles mounted52/42 pcs.58/42 pcs.74/52 pcs.95/77 pcs.
Circulation rate15.8/11.2 m³/h15.8/11.2 m³/h21/14.7 m³/h29.2/16.9 m³/h
Pumping head in mWS47.0/43.0 mWS47.0/43.0 mWS50.7/48.5 mWS58.5/45.0 mWS
Pumping head in kPa470/430 kPa470/430 kPa507/485 kPa585/450 kPa
Pump motor4.0/2.2 kW4.0/2.2 kW5.5/4.0 kW7.5/4.0 kW
Electric heater – CLEANING/RINSING
Capacity tanks250/250 l340/340 l500/500 l800/800 l
Power electric heater9.0/9.0 kW15.0/15.0 kW18.0/18.0 kW31.5/31.5 kW
Continuous treatment temperature control0–80° C0-80° C0-80° C0-80° C
Warm-up period tanks from 15 to 70° Capprox. 2 hoursapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 2 hours


  • POWERTEC PRO Lifting Gate
    • big lots
    • short cleaning cycles
    • operator relief (ergonomics)
  • POWERTEC PRO Hinged Lid
    • low headroom
    • small lots
    • occasional cleaning cycles